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John Truitt of the Collectibulls


1. What got you started?

 I’ve been an “animal lover” my entire life to be honest, and after receiving my first APBT Diva, who had papers, that is when I really began to research this particular breed of dog. Once I found out there were dog men out there just as passionate about the breed as I was, and some of them were even making a living doing what they loved to do, that is when I knew what I wanted to do.

2. What style or class do you breed?

 To be honest, I do not consider myself a dog breeder. My style of dog would be my foundation female, Queen Califia. Not only is the a really good example of what my style dog looks like, she is the top representation of what a micro bully and pitbull should look like. I’m into micro bullies/pitbulls.

3. Why do you breed?

 Again, I do not consider myself a dog breeder, I am the Bully Breed Ambassador. Breeding dogs is only a percentage, of what all goes on in this industry. I’m one of the top representatives in this industry, as far as offering additional incentives, us Bully Breed owners can enjoy. I’m all about the activities and proper public representation of our bully breeds!

I am apart of this community and special breed of dog, because ever since I first started doing my research on this particular breed, all of the people I have came across have been whole hearted and very informative. That’s what I enjoy the most about this industry, and I’m still here, going strong.

4. Do you socialize your bullies? If so, how?

 I am very active with my dog, so far she has traveled to 9 different states, became the first micro pitbull/bully to perform on the agility course, she is currently taking up dock diving classes and we exercise daily. The Collectibulls Queen Califia is one of the most active bullies in the industry, becoming a lead role model for many bully breed owners and their pets.

5. What type of food do you feed your bullies?

 The Collectibulls Queen Califia eats a number of variety of food, whether it’s grain, gluten, soy, corn base free, raw chicken or beef, or her favorite variety of fruits, which are red and green apples, oranges, peaches, nectarines, pears, or pineapples, all mixed with her own super premium dog supplement, that we will be releasing to the world very soon.

6. Do you show your bullies in dog show? Why or why not, and what registry do you show in?

 I have shown my bullies in the ring. I do not have a problem showing my dog, although, it does not add any real value to my dog, occasionally we show in the ring, just for fun. We have shown in the BCA ring, ABR ring, USBR ring and the INKC ring.

 In addition to my previous answers, I would also like to tell the subscribers, to always stay open minded about your opinions and style of dog in this industry. Make sure you love the XXL dogs, just as much as you love the micro dogs and always respect other people’s opinions.. you don’t have to like it, but respect it.

I have been involved in this industry, for a little over a decade, and I haven’t produced too many litters yet, but I have broken down some of the biggest barriers our industry has faced, that would keep the world from receiving the positive messages we are sending with this special breed. This industry is filled with many passionate people and talents, so although breeding dogs may not be your thing, there are still many avenues to try out, and I’m here to tell you to try them all. Before you began to feel one sided, remember to Love your dog unconditionally first, because we all want them to work for us, and rack in thousands of dollars, but not too many of these dogs are appreciated for their hard work or even their companionship. We already know this breed is very valuable and their life expectancy isn’t that high, so appreciate the dog more while they’re here.

I would also like to let the subscribers know that The Collectibulls are the first individuals apart of this community, the bully breed community, to reach mainstream media and officially represent this special breed of dog in positive light to the world. Up until our tv special, American Bullies, Bullies, Micro Pitbulls/bullies had only been discussed on local news channels…. nothing mainstream. The Collectibulls raised the bar high, and broke through to mainstream media, which has been something in the works since the beginning of this breed of dog 20 years ago.

In closing I would like to send a special appreciation to Pete Gould for giving me the chance to have this interview inside his magazine and discuss my brand The Collectibulls and my world famous dog Queen Califia, I really appreciate the support.


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