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Lici Gutz with Ch Zeus

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Question: Hello Lici, What’s a woman’s perspective of being in a dominantly male Bully world?


Lici Gutz: Being in a dominantly male Bully world can be intimidating and challenging at times because it is known to be dominantly a Man’s game. It can be extremely difficult to get support and gain respect from both men and women especially since the Bully community is already divided. In my opinion It just makes it much more difficult for a female to gain acceptance and respect in this community, and i find it very hilarious that many people assume that because I am very much into this game I am a male! I quite often find people calling me “Bro” or “Dude.”

To overcome all the doubts and barriers as a woman in this game one must have tough skin and be extremely passionate about the breed. It is due to my passion for the breed that I continue in the Bully game because at the end of the day its a lifestyle and all well worth it.


Question: Brief Overview of the Bully World from a Woman’s perspective


Lici Gutz: I see the bully world as a lifestyle its the way I live. Everything involves my bullies and revolves around my bullies. To be able to dedicate so much time, training, and raising them requires true passion and love for the breed. The work is never ending the bonding is endless. To sum it up the Bully world is a lifestyle which requires being passionate about the breed and striving to make it better. It means working towards a finished product which will never really be finished because there is no such thing as a perfect or flawless American Bully.

I really love the fact that my American Bully really works hard to please me. He refuses to work for anyone else and it flatters me that he will only work for me. The bond that we share is one that is unexplained because there are no words to express my level of comfort and trust in my American Bully and his with me.

The American Bully breed is not for everyone. I always recommend people do the research before getting their first American Bully. The reason I say that this breed is not for everyone is because they have an instinct for a pack order and require consistent rules to be enforced by the owner, so that they know as young as a pup that there can only be one alpha leader, and that is you. If you’re a laid back passive type of person this breed may not be for you because owning a bully comes with much responsibility. I cannot stress the importance of research and encourage someone new to the breed to do some research.

 I love the fact that this breed wants nothing more than to please its owner. Having an American Bully means much work in raising and training them, but if you are truly passionate you will enjoy every step of it. American Bullies are truly and amazing breed and being beautiful to look at is an asset to their character. I am a proud owner of 8 American bullies and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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