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The Collectibulls

🔊 Listen to this John Truitt of the Collectibulls   1. What got you started?  I’ve been an “animal lover” my entire life to be honest, and after receiving my first APBT Diva, who had papers, that is when I really began to research this particular breed of dog. Once…

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5 Types of American Bully

🔊 Listen to this 5 Types of American Bully + Info-graphics Do you want an American Bully? Are you looking for an American Bully to be a pet or a breeding sire? Do you have any preference for a particular kind of breed? If so then we have 5 types of Bullies to…

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The Shorty Bulls Standard Description

    🔊 Listen to this The Shorty Bulls How do you determine movement for a breed like the Shortybull when movement is not mentioned in the standard? This has always been an odd thing to me when I hear questions or comments that a standard is vague or omitted…

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